Nouveau Sushi and Nouveau Japanese (Philadelphia Roll, etc.)

Philadelphia Roll: Rolled sushi with roasted sweet red pepper (reported by Elaine Tait in the Food Section of the Philadelphia Inquirer on March 21, 1993). Nigiri is also excellent. Although a type of rolled sushi with Philadelphia cream cheese is more often called by this name, our preference is the one with red pepper.

Rocky: Nigiri with mediumly-done beef, possibly with chopped garlic instead of wasabi. Beef chirashi (thinly-sliced rib eye (Delmonico) steak over vinegared rice) is also our favorite.

Row House: Oshi (pressed) sushi with salmon (smoked/fresh).

Maison Provençal: Oshi sushi with paté.

Casa Mediterránea: Oshi sushi with Jamón Serrano (Spain) or Pancetta/Parma ham (Italy).

Virginia roll: Roll with baked ham.

Kasu-zuke beef: This is not really sushi (although it could be prepared as sushi). "Kasu" is a kind of leftover powder/paste obtained during sake production process. "Kasu-zuke" translates into "kasu-marinated". We marinade beef (rib-eye type) in kasu for several days and grill as we like. The cooked meat can be served cold as well. [5/14/00]

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